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Anime and Manga Art

On the 24th of September my friends Patricia, Garwin and I went on the Artsbus to New York City to look at the art that is over there.
Now, I do not mean that we went to a museum or two during the day; the exact opposite really, we did not go to any museums, but we did see a lot of great art.
We started our day in Chelsea, NY and proceeded to walk up and over street after street until we got to our first destination, a Japanese store. Now I am sure some of you know exactly where I am going with this, my friends an I spent over two hours looking at the great art that is the Japanese manga, the anime covers, the CD covers, the magazines, and the art books.
Oh, the art books and magazines are my favorite things to look at. I almost have no idea how these things are not in a museum dedicated solely to Japanese art books, they are gorgeous and I am always utterly mind boggled at the things these artists can do and how they can make their characters come alive. These items were the first things to inspire me to get into my design major, and I can not wait to go back to just be able to sit down and stare at these books for hours.