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Major League Myth

We have all seen it. We all know what it stands for. Its a part of American culture whether we like it or not. Its the logo for MLB – Major League Baseball. Its on every baseball cap, every jersey, and every major league baseball – blue, red, and the whited out silhouette of a baseball player preparing to hit a baseball. Since the logo’s birth in 1969, when it was created to celebrate the league’s centennial, myths about who the silhouetted figure is have circulated as well. Harmon Killebrew was positive that his batting stance inspired the logo, and for years and years everyone believed so as well. When the logo’s creator, Jerry Dior, was finally credited with creating the logo in 2008, he was asked if Harmon Killebrew really did inspire the logo. He debunked the myth and informed the public that the silhouette was a ” ‘nondescript’ composite image, not a Killebrew likeness.” No doubt this was a crushing blow to not only Killebrew but to all of his fans. Its hard to imagine believing something and bragging about it for 40 years only to realize its nothing more than a myth. It’s funny how such a long standing legend can be instigated by just one logo.

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  1. cchrist7 wrote:

    It’s also funny how people see a simple silhouette and automatically assume it represents a specific person, or at least it was inspired by one. This also reminds me of the new apple logo developed with Steve Job’s face cut out of the apple itself. It has dual purpose, but we all still recognize it. No one can argue it is anyone BUT him.

    Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 8:49 am | Permalink