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By artists for the fans

The music industry is changing. Actually it’s been changed. People download entire albums for free without a cent going to the artist. So what is a artist to do? Piecelock 70 is a independent record label founded in 2004 by hip hop act People Under the Stairs that’s trying a slightly different angle. They think that fans should be able to decide whether or not they like an album before they buy it. The music should speak for itself and fans should want to support their favorite artists.

Enter Piecelock 70’s website. The center for all transactions that occur between fans and artists. There is no middle-man in this interaction. The artists are putting forth their best without pressure/interference from a 3rd party. Fans are able to try before they buy and communicate more closely with the artists as well as get albums early via download. And Piecelock 70’s website is very nicely designed too. Simple, modern, clean, easy to navigate and read. It has the same look that has come to be associated with People Under The Stairs, very retro-inspired, almost hand-drawn looking type as can be seen in the picture above. The majority of the site’s content is also displayed without having to load another page which makes it very pleasing to navigate. So if you’re a fan of old-school style hip hop, or even if you’re not, check it out.