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Flat ads for TV

How much of the want to see a TV program or a movie that is coming out in the theater has to do with the trailer and how much of it has to do with the posters and ads?

If someone does not have any idea what a program or movie is about how much of their decision to see it or not would depend on the flat posters and ads they see of it? When is the best time for someone to see the flat ad, before they see a preview or trailer for it or after? Or would they want to see the trailer or preview for it because they saw the ad?
Sorry, lots of questions; and I do not have the answers. But, I personally usually check out information on movies because I see the posters in the theater first before I see the trailers, not so much for TV shows though. I do not usually see very many flat ads for TV programs, and unless it is New York or something, TV flat ads do not seem all that prevalent, but maybe I am just missing them. Questions to think about.

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