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What do you think about in the shower?

We’re all artists here, right? I can be frank about this then: are you doing what you love? I’m serious. I once read a 99% article that said to pay attention to what you think about in the shower. It will show what occupies your mind when you allow yourself the freedom to wander. We’ve all made the risky decision to align our careers with our interests, ditching conventional wisdom. But, even designers can get caught up in class work and teachers expectations and forget to make time for doing what we truly enjoy. College is the only time when we have complete control over our projects so let’s take advantage of it! Do you love photo manipulation? Do it! Do you love animation? Do it! You don’t need a class! While you’re in college, develop an expertise in something that really interests you. That will impress future employers and you’ll be more likely to find a job doing what you love.

Carl Jung said, “The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” The next time you’re in the shower, pay attention to where your mind wanders. You might be surprised.