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My Cuppa Tea

What a remarkable idea to combine a disposable cup and teabag into one small package. As you can see it is not just a teabag in a paper bag, it is folded into a fancy origami flower.  The picture on top shows you how the package works from a cute origami flower into a cup. Most people might look at this, and see it, as it is “a paper and a cup,” but surely it is more than that.  It is a beautiful design and you can tell it is very much thought-out. It leaves a long lasting impression and you can for sure say that this is an original design. I imagine myself sitting in my cozy couch opening my beautiful origami flower and adding water into my cup. While I’m letting the tea to cool down, I close my eyes and hold the cup with my two hands. Then I take a sip… Yes, this is my cuppa tea.