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Simon Foster

While browsing through the nets, I came upon the work of Simon Foster, a talented designer and former DJ. He creatively combined his two loves– design and music–and came up with Decorated Playlists.

Decorated Playlist is his blog were he posts playlists, which are essentially a variety of mix-tapes centered under one theme of sound and style. Although his blog is similar to any other site, Decorated Playlist is primarily art-directed and rather than posting words there is music. Each playlist is represented by one of his designs that illustrate what the music will be themed around. His designs/illustrations are creative and represent the titles well, some better than others though.

I think including the title to the playlist along with the design helps the viewer understand the meaning more. For example the orange umbrella design I would not have thought “Run For Cover,” or the circles in “Mash Ups.” Sometimes titles are important to understanding what to look for.

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