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As artists and designers I’m sure creative ideas are always flowing around in our heads. Inspiration is all around us and there is always a chance to think about design and art, whether its looking at the architectural design of a building, the typography of every store you pass by walking in the city or the colorful frosted cupcakes displayed in a bakery. Inspiration comes from people as well; the way they sit while reading a book or their facial expression while in line to order a cup of coffee. What I’m leading to is the art of sketching. Illustrating all that inspire us.

I keep a sketchbook that I take with me everywhere. I take it to classes, the city and road trips. I want to be ready to document when something or someone catches my eyes. I sketch while waiting for the bus, on the metro, in the bookstore or at the park, I take a moment to observe and take in what it is I see, like the arrangements in the park, the lines of a building, or the expressions of people. Sketching is a way to keep my artistic mind busy.

I wanted to share with you other artist’s sketchbooks. Their work inspires me to continue to observe and document what is around me.