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A Business Card You’re not Going to Forget

The design firm, Heads of State, was asked by Print Magazine to create the perfect business card, and I have to say, I really love it. Italicized text is usually already interesting in itself because of the diagonals within it that the eyes move along and follow. However, the italicized text in this case has been positioned at a forty-five degree angle, further emphasizing the diagonals. I really appreciate the T in DON’T that extends down to the F in FORGET, as well as the Y in YOU that becomes the R in FORGET. These thick verticals really contrast the previously mentioned angle. Lastly, the M’s leftmost serifs have been extended along the forty-five degree angle to create actual lines for the above text to sit on. Equally spaced lines have been added between these two lines and look similar to the ledger lines on a musical staff. ┬áIf anything, this business card serves as a great example of good typography.

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