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A snap shot of a stranger’s life

I’ve never enjoyed researching for a paper…until now. Photojournalism is used to visualize what can’t be easily put into words. It removes us from our comfort zone, and really see what’s going on in the world around us. This project especially stood out to me not only for its technical aesthetic, but most of all for its content.
I think everyone can agree a person’s bedroom represents a lot of who they are. To see how these children vary; culturally, economic status, to as simple as interests, is fascinating. Having a portrait of the child placed next to their room makes you reflect on their life and who they really are. It comes together so beautifully and effortlessly.

This project inspires me because this is what I hope to do with photography. A portrait to me is not meant to be in a studio or in a perfectly manicured park. A good portrait makes you think. It should reflect who that person is, not just their appearance. This series does that, it makes you think.

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