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Umbrella design

Umbrellas have been around for…well, a very long time.  Probably since we realized we needed to and could protect ourselves from rain.  Yet, the umbrella has evolved very little since it’s creation.

The ‘parasol’ was the first umbrella, designed to keep sun off, not rain.  The chinese later waterproofed the parasol and made it into the umbrella that we know today.

Although we do try to add too our umbrellas to make them look nicer, they still haven’t really gone anywhere.  Your legs still aren’t well protected in heavy downpours on your walk to class, your book bag or other items that you carry still aren’t well protected, and you still have to carry it with you, making toting other items around a tedious task.  There have been moves to fix this.  Such as the umbrella that curls more like a U.  And then there’s the bubble umbrella, which looks like it was inspired by space helmets and pretty much does the same as the U umbrella but may not be as neat looking.  And lastly, a triangle umbrella, which may do the most to protect your bookbag or other items.

Someday, I’m hoping for an umbrella whose inside (facing you) changes from a sunny sky to a starry night depending on when you use it.  And it should not require me to sacrifice a hand to carry it.