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Addicting time wasting game

There is a game on the Yahoo website, in the games section, that is called “Papa’s Freezeria,” it is a time wasting game. The point of the game is to get through the business day at Papa’s ice cream shop and to keep all the customers happy while they are waiting for you to make their ice cream sundaes.
The look of the game is cute, the people are proportionate, but kind of oblong looking, to everything else in the game; there are decorations for your shop, hats for your character to wear, and different toppings for the sundaes that you can unlock.
This is a free game that you can play on the Yahoo website and it is sorted under ‘time management’ as the type of game. The game is very well designed as it is easy on the eyes and is addicting by being challenging without being overly complicated.

All in all, a very nice game to accidentally spend hours playing.