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Another ‘Monster’ show, but in ‘High’ school!?!

Everybody seen and remembered the legendary, yet fictional monster shows and movies, along with teenage series in high school life. Though, not many ever thought of seeing another ‘monster’ show and ‘high’ school series come together; which creates this series, Monster High. Evidently, this show is not broadcast on any television channels, instead it only broadcast online, in this website; The series is mostly a short-clip animation of teenage monsters and their social life in high school. Last year on October, they broadcast a 30-minute special, ‘New Ghoul @ School,’ at the cable channel, Nickelodeon. It is considered a popular web show, along with their theme song, ‘Fright Song,’ which also in a music video of both animated characters and live-action performers in this website on YouTube, to those who would like to check it out; My sister and I watched many of their webisodes online and met new monster characters, as they have 2 seasons of them, and a 3rd will be release somewhere in 2012. The website have some games and activities for viewers to participate, as an ‘avatar’ monster student, or get to know the monster characters. There is also a recent video game distribute on Nintendo DS and Wii, ‘Monster High Ghoul Spirit‘. Just recently last month, they broadcasted a 1-hour special, ‘Fright On,’ on Nickelodeon, which is most entertaining. The thought of watching this show online is different, though the animation is both creative and unique, due the legendary monsters and fictional horror creatures nobody will ever forget.

Before this series was animated, they started off as fashion dolls, created by Garrett Sander and illustrated by Kellee Riley, as they were made in 2007 and released in 2010. They were like the Barbie dolls, except they are considered rivals; honestly, they look a bit like the Bratz dolls, except they had a television series. I have seen commercials of them on ads, as some are already distribute in stores. The characters are considered an inspiration of the famous monsters we all know, though they are either related or the offspring of the monsters. There is also Monster High books, written by Lisi Harrison, all based on the monster characters as 3 novels are already published, and the 4th will be release around Spring 2012. To those who are into monster movies and high school series, you are more than welcome to check out the short and long videos of Monster High, either on their website or on YouTube, it doesn’t matter. Even though they are considered monsters, they show character and social experience in high school just like us humans… well, maybe not exactly like us, but is by far close enough.