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Designer food

Making food look exquisite is a very designer oriented detail that photographers engage in.  They know how to capture food at angles that make it look so delicious, appetizing, and enticing that viewers can’t help but want to taste it for themselves.  We see this a lot in fast food commercials.  A big, juicy cheeseburger pops up on screen and your mouth starts to water.  But when you get to the restaurant, your burger looks nothing like the one on TV, and if the TV one had looked as greasy and falling apart as the one in your hand, you probably wouldn’t have bought it.

Desserts, however, are more successful.  Confectioners love to make their desserts look as delicious as possible.  Such as in this image

You can see exactly what you’re going to get and what it will look like.  And, let’s face it, with or without this picture, you would probably go in there to buy some sweets.  But not all sweets come as advertised.  For example

Crepes don’t usually look like this unless you buy them from a restaurant. Crepes are typically purchased from street venders and wrapped up for you to carry with you.

I don’t think many people would dress up their dinner plates for company or anything, but certain dishes can definitely be spruced up with a lot (or a little) help from design.