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Texture, Not Just A Fad Anymore

With everyone and their grandmother launching a website these days, it is getting harder for businesses, organizations, and individuals to make their sites distinct, professional, and innovative.  One thing designers are doing to combat this issue is adding texture to their repertoire.

Texture adds depth and visual appeal to a website and can also help bolster the company image. For example, an interior designer may employ a fabric texture or a carpenter may use a grainy wood pattern. Now, as with any other design element there are effective ways of implementing texture and ways that can look cheesy and amateurish. Implementing texture in an effective way means that the use of a particular texture is noticeable but by no means the focal point of the site. Texture should never interfere with the readability of a site or affect the users ability to easily navigate and find relevant information. The chosen texture should also hold some meaning as it relates to the company, organization or individual.

Texture is not a miracle-cure, nor a Band-Aid for a poorly designed website, but rather a powerful design element that designers should not hesitate to explore. Below are two examples of websites that use texture (please click for a larger image):



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