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Information(Graphics) Overload

In recent years the creation of information graphics has sky rocketed and joined the ranks of social media, online videos, and web comics as an internet staple. However, like many things on the internet infographics are becoming increasingly overdone, unnecessary, and chaotic. Nevertheless, infographics present an interesting challenge as the creator must visually represent large amounts of information in an easy to understand manner. Due to the challenges of creating an effective infographic, it comes as no surprise that many are initially visually appealing but ultimately unsuccessful and ineffective.

Amy Balliett, a designer for Killer Infographics has outlined several key dos and don’ts when it comes to information graphics design. Balliett’s key points, while seemingly straight forward, can ensure that the quality of your infographic is more than skin deep. Her article can be found here: The Dos and Don’ts of Infographic Design


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