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Color Me Impressed

Many people do not realize the impact that color has on their perception of a website, magazine, billboard, or other piece of design. Therefore, a great deal of power is placed in the hands of a designer. Appropriate color in a design serves multiple purposes and can have multiple consequences. Color can evoke a certain mood or image, convey meaning, and represent intent, often times with out the viewers knowledge.

While many fledgling designers may understand which colors work well together from a purely aestheric standpoint, they may lack an understnding of what differnt colors mean and the impact they can have. (See attached image for the basic meanings of each color.) Ideally, color choices  play a key role in the effectiveness of a design but in some extreme case, certain color choices can be inappropriate and counterproductive. It is imperative that designers understand color so they may substantiate each color choice no matter the design.