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Why You Need a Website

In this day and age it is inexcusable for a business (no matter how small, quirky or obscure) not to have a website. Even a basic site from a free templates is ok. Why? Well let me give you one example.

I have been eating out more as of late and usually make an effort to visit new restaurants. Naturally I turn to Google to help me narrow my search. Now, the DC metro area has no shortage of wonderful restaurants but finding one is not always easy. Take for example a recent search of Chinese takeout in my area. Three results came up but only one has a website. The website, while poorly designed, had contact information, hours of operation and most importantly a menu on which I ususlly base my decision. The other two restaurants has no wesite and the reviewrs offered by Goodle and Yelp were inconsistant and contradictory. With no way of knowing what was on their menu, I decided on a different restaurant. Sure, the website-less restaurants are often a great choice but why would a business not use every tool available and give customers more reasons to chose their business.

Any business, organization, or professional should have a website, because between the pool of talented designers, free templates, and software, there is just no excuse for not having a website.