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Local company, huge collection of 40’s-50’s adverts

Here’s the website for a company I just discovered, using the power of the internet, called Plan59. They are based out of  Fairfax, VA  and specialize in selling hi-res images collected from 40’s and 50’s advertisements. The 40’s – 50’s were an era when many advertisements were composed of highly detailed colorful illustrations that depicted some sort of ideal, stereotypical, American-dream life. You don’t really see this type of hand-drawn illustration in advertising anymore these days. It’s a great site if you want to just take a look through the enormous collection of various illustrations and ads from that era. The illustrations have such a strong vintage quality to them and some of them can be pretty funny (or creepy) at times. You can also buy any of the illustrations if you wanted to use them for… something. So check it out.


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