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Logos are here

I have been thinking about logos for a while and hoping to do a post about them, and now that we had a chat on them in class, it feels like a good time to make this post.

Logos should be timeless, something that won’t have to change too much in the future so that generations will always know what company/business that logo stands for.  My favorite example of how much we rely on these icons is road trips.  One of the most exciting things about road trips can be the places you stop to eat.  But if you are driving along, looking for food icons on the signs by the highways and you don’t know what those icons stand for, you’ll probably just go hungry.  Maybe you want a cheeseburger from McDonald’s but you didn’t realize the icon had changed, and it had changed so much that you probably wouldn’t recognize it!

Whether or not the logo makes sense, if people recognize it as representing a company/product they love, then they really don’t question it much.  People probably don’t question why the McDonald’s logo is yellow and red, or they just associate those colors with the name.  But in reality the colors were chosen to make people want to get out of the restaurant, hence why it’s a fast food place.