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Who decides how roads are designed and how do they figure the best way to do it would be? Like if you are driving around D.C. thinking to yourself ‘what were they thinking when they designed where the roads went?’ (Or at least, I think that when I’m driving over there). What exactly do they take into consideration when planning on making roads, and how do they decide whether they are going to level roads or make them hilly? How do they decide to set up the timer for the streetlights?
On that note, how do you think the person/people that came up with the traffic light even thought something like that up? I think traffic lights are an invention that is very useful and very beautiful in a very strange way. How were the colors decided upon? Did the designer of streetlights have to go through a bunch of different colors before ending up with red, yellow, and green? Well, however the designer did it everyone now knows those three colors and what they represent when driving.