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But I Studied!

Don’t you hate when you study as hard as you can for an exam to a point where you know that you are going to do great. Only to sit down and find out how all quickly you forget some things as you take your test? This happened to me today during my Art History Exam. I studied as much as I could for the exam right up to the point of taking it and felt pretty good that I was going to do fairly well on a test I knew was going to be fairly difficult. As the test dragged on I found myself forgetting some of the small things I thought I knew the word to a definition, a time frame, a pieces name. All just leaking out of my brain the longer I sat there and looked at it. What’s worse is that feeling when you know you have studied it because you can picture where it is on a study guide and what it is associated to it but in the place of the answer you are looking for in your mind, there is only a blank space. I suppose should have done my best to study harder, but there’s not much I can do now but hope for the best and prepare for the next test.