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Art Expression

Zach Johnsen is the artist. He is an Illustrator, and some of his work is created with other mixed techniques and media. His work reminds of the times when I had to time draw and express my feelings, like drawing a figure and having it’s head blow up for exaggeration. But in this particular photo I felt that he did a great job of expressing those feelings using color and repeating the figures and drawing it in different position to show movement. People who are in the working business understand that it gets extremely frustrating from time to time and I feel that this image expresses those emotions in an appropriate matter. Sometimes we feel like we want to just scream our heads off and throw our luggage or for students our papers in the air expressing our anger. In other words this is another inspirational artist I find unique. He’s able to express emotions quite well. I hope to do a few personal work myself to express my own feelings.