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Mysterious Worlds

Sophie Duran, a conceptual designer based in the Netherlands, balances between art and design. She always works out of her instincts and has a great sense of color. The work she creates pulls you in as a viewer and makes you look twice.

Her latest collection of artwork, Undiscovered Wonders of the World, created out of self-made photographs, old travel books and minerals, show unknown mysterious worlds that are open to multiple interpretations.

All prints are digitally printed on silk velvet and crepe de chine, a type of fabric with a crisp, crimpy appearance. The velvet gives vibrancy to the colors and makes the landscapes look three-dimensional. Crepe de chine gives a lightness and sophisticated feeling to the prints. The designs are also presented as scarves to give the landscapes another dimension. Her goal is to point out the beauty in this world and add ‘new beauty’ to that herself.

I can appreciate that she created these imaginary worlds/scenes that appear realistic but mysterious too. I love that she pairs her printed pieces with the scarf version to create a different feel for the artwork.