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Why Color Matters

I recently read an article by Jill Morton called “Why Color Matters”. The article is more or less a bullet list of statistical research about circumstances where improvement in human acknowledgement, recognition, and understanding of any visual media is directly correlated to color. The article is not very well organized or in any way an exciting read, however somehow I still found my self at the bottom of the page thinking.  The research alone was enough to show the profound importance color has on the human mind, however its importance did not fully hit me until reading the section entitled Color and the Senses.

When thinking of sight as a means of survival, it makes since that color would play a primary role in determining our likes or dislikes of anything taken in visually.  This is because our memory is heavily influenced by color and we are genetically predisposed to assimilate colors with specific emotions and feelings. The author then goes to state “In our current state of evolution, vision is the primary source for all our experiences.” If this is indeed true, then the sum of our experiences are all derived from innate decisions based on color. This would mean that color has probably influenced all of our lives quite a bit more than we realize.