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Redesign proposal for Viper Inc.











Brochure RE-Design
























HEI Design Studios

Date of Submission:

October 24, 2008


Hei Design Studios owns the copyright for this document and all its contents.


This proposal should be considered private and confidential and may not be shared with any third party without the prior written permission from Hei Studios.













































To Mike Simmons

Marketing Correspondent at Viper, Directed Electronic Inc.,


              It was a pleasure to meet you this past Thursday for a more complete discussion about Viper’s desire for expansion to various markets outside of North America in the future. HEI Studios value the opportunity to work with you to manage your design concerns and needs. Our studio specializes in business communication design and has helped revamp numerous corporate identity and business models since the year 2000, where many businesses in that time have actively sought for an identity­­– and we provide them the solution. Our firm is built upon the belief that commercial success is largely determined by its practices, as well as how well they project their image in their respective markets– it is the formula that yields the exceptional performance in our designs.


We have carefully examined Viper’s upcoming re-branding initiative in response to the decline of sales and have came to the conclusion that the problem underlies an error in your marketing pitch. Your main competitor, LoJack, similar to your company has simultaneously launched a newly developed website and is currently spending a large amount of marketing resources towards web promotional contents. Viper must consider the fact that your prospective customers are first confronted by a printed copy of your product information brochure at the dealership; therefore, it is necessary to update your informational brochure as a collateral to the website. We are pleased to provide you this design proposal– enclosed please find details focused on how the redesign of Viper’s general product information brochure can help improve consumer-brand awareness for future expansion.



Best Regards,



Hei Lee

Assistant Art Director, HEI Studios











This is a proposal intended for Viper Inc. and for the redesign of their General Product Information Brochure. The objective is to bring new awareness to the brand and encourage exploration of other Viper brand products through the corporate website, where products may now be purchased. The new brochure will direct the reader to the website, where it will serve as a continuation of the printed brochure.


Our preliminary study suggests that organization is the major issue in your current design­­­ it is affecting the overall presentation. There is simply too much information cramped onto one page, causing clutter that impedes the flow of the contents, making it relatively hard for readers to navigate. The clutter also requires the reader to spend more time than they need to understand the information. The brochure should be a point of entry for the reader to learn about your products and for you to win over their attention.


The new brochure will cut down on the clutter by more effective use of white space. The current gray background is deficient in two ways. In terms of elegance, the gray color is too flat and dull. For practical reason, the gray background forces the text to rise from the surface, which strains the eyes and deter readers’ interest.


The increasing number of products in the Viper lineup also makes it impractical to list every product and its features. The product codes and specifications in the comparison table of the current brochure are inconsistent and are difficult to interpret. Rather than complicate things for potential customers, the new brochure will abbreviate the information by highlighting features worthy of distinguishing your brand from your competitors. Doing so will eliminate the confusion. As a result, the text will immediately provoke their interest in the products and encourage them to explore more in depth later on the website.


The purpose of directing the reader to the website is that people are more than ever becoming visual learners and are developing a keen eye for imagery. As a result, they are simply immune to the mundane plain o’ text on paper; they demand interactivity that are only present over the web. It is important that the brochure will extend the reader’s interest and generate enough curiosity to make the transition. The new brochure will receive an updated look that is consistent with the website’s interface, where interactive product demonstration and videos that are specific to interest are available.


We have also examined the illustrations that reside in the current brochure. In response to Viper’s desire to go up market and expand to various countries in the future, the current image of the Viper snake just doesn’t seem to validate itself to be representational of the image that Viper want to project: “the most recognized name in vehicle security and convenience systems.”


To articulate Viper brand products’ capabilities and as the maker of reliable vehicle theft-deterrent systems, we recommend a logo in place of the illustration. A real logo will communicate a more professional image because logos can facilitate the reciprocation of information in regards to your brand. As a logo is developed, you can also use it on your product packaging to create a more exclusive look for the products. Figuratively speaking, logos are intrinsic to every brand as they can help consumers identify your brand and more easily relate to your products. It is estimated that In the long run, your company can gain competency on the market though a new logo design.



The typical brochure redesign process consists of four phases. Phase one consists of consultation and conceptualization, which will occur from the start of the project and usually last 2 weeks. Prior to phase two, the designer will contact you to schedule a brief feedback meeting with your marketing team to take a look at our preliminary work. During the meeting, we ask that you will provide inputs and comments and be as critical as possible in critiquing the work. Doing so will make the project go smoother. We require that you pay 30% of the estimated cost. Depending on the design package, the amount will vary.

The designer will then move into the phase two, where 3 renditions will be turned over to you. At this point, if you are not completely satisfied with the renditions, you may ask for a fourth concept, at an additional cost.

We charge $80/hr for the work that follows on top of the standard cost for the brochure redesign packaged selection prior to phase two. We also recommend that you pay 50% of the total remaining balance for the project to demonstrate your trust in our work.

At phase three, we will further develop the selected concept and return those refinements to you–this will last for one full week on average.

At phase four, we will deliver the final product in printed form along with the digital files. The files will be your property after you pay us in full– the remaining 50% of the fee, plus any additional charges for additional concepts/ renditions, and miscellaneous cost related to printing and travel expense.




Hei Studios provides three packages for brochure redesigns. The Basic package is rated at $700, and it includes 2 revisions standard. Any addition or corrections thereafter are $50/hr. The Premium package is rated at $900, with 3 revisions standard and additional revisions cost $45/hr. The Basic and Premium package does not include custom illustration cost. The cost to develop custom illustration is rated at $500/ piece.


The Supreme package is rated at $1400 and comes with 3 revisions standard, plus one custom illustration. You will save money with the Supreme package if you need revision after the 3 standard revisions at a rate of $38/hr. All other cost from printing will be billed at the end and totaled with extra cost and fees associated listed under phase four in the process section.


Printing cost as estimated by Alpha Graphics for 5000 copies is $649. This quote is for Four Color, double-sided, 80# weight semi-glossy (matte) paper. Alpha Graphics also provides discounts at larger volume beyond 5000 copies. Please contact them if you have any further questions at (703) 591-1100. They are located in 11217 Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA 22030 and their website is: