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Banksy – British Underground

An artist who I’ve been following for a while is well known in the United Kingdom goes by the name of Banksy. I learned about him through my brother who had a collection of his work. Banksy is an underground graffiti artist whose pieces invoke thought and inspire others to take a stand. Banksy’s work can be described as irreverent views on society with a twist of humor. Known by the authorities as a notorious vandal, Banksy has been spray painting his work around Great Britain for years.

Another trademark of Banksy is to post his own work, along with a fully worded plaque, in museums until they are discovered and taken down. One piece in particular was in the British museum for three weeks before it was discovered. Other pieces of renegade art include breaking into zoos, train stations, Disney World, and other high profile locations. Some pieces are just simple stenciled words marked in appropreiate places, such as in the penguin exhibit at the London Zoo stating “We’re bored of fish” and “I want out. This place is too cold. Keeper Smells. Boring, boring,boring” in an elephant enclosure.

Along with high profile areas, Banksy also goes into the street with his pieces. A series of rats was popular in London as well as a series about the increased government control in recent years. This kind of rebellious art has its own appeal in that it is done for free. This is a free expression that anyone can enjoy on the street. I still get inspired everytime I see Banksy’s work and motivate myself to do something that can be fun and create waves.

Banksy keeps a website where his work and manifesto can be viewed. I suggest that anyone who has ever been interested in graffiti art to check it out.

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Yuk rat