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Building a Museum of Museums on the Web

I watched a TED talk online the other day about a fairly recent online project designed by Google. Amit Sood, head of the project, gave a short and sweet talk about the website. Google Art Project is what they called it. This spectacular website allows any user, whomever they may be, to navigate, explore, wander, and get lost in some of the most amazing art museums around the world. It also lets the user zoom into most, if not all, paintings and masterpieces within the museums. Certain brushstrokes, smaller details, and hidden objects are now all visible and completely clear. I really find it necessary and great of Sood to conclude his talk with mentioning that this website is only a supplement, and not a replacement to the actual museums.


I really enjoyed fiddling with this website and exploring different museums all over the world. Here’s the page address (URL) to this fantastic website:



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