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How to turn fear and doubt into fuel for brilliance

In a recent edition of HOW magazine, I came across the article, “Fear: Friend of Foe?”. The article was an interview with Jonathan Fields, the author of the book, “Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brillance.” This article discusses ways for dealing with the anxiety and doubt that we can sometimes feel as designers. The author did not sit out to write a book about this topic, but while interviewing designers, the question of how others cope with the feelings of fear and uncertainty kept coming up. Fields talks about how judgement plays into that fear, and judgement is something that designers must deal with on a daily basis. He advised bringing very basic ideas to the client in the beginning of the design process as opposed to bringing one or two comps at the end and hoping that your client likes them. The one thing he didn’t mention specifically but that plays into this approach, is having overall strong communication with the client from the very beginning. I would also say it is good to have the confidence to make suggestions early on when an idea or concept just isn’t working. Fields also suggested working in ‘creative hives’, or groups of other creatives that you can share ideas with as you move along with your designs. This can help to soothe nerves over whether or not a design is going in the right direction. Fields suggests working in creative bursts of 45-90 minutes and then giving yourself breaks such as meditating, taking a walk or having a snack, whatever helps you refuel. This article was helpful to me since I do tend to feel some anxiety and frustration over whether or not a client will like my work. I think it would be worth reading this book to find out more on this topic.

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