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Designer/Client Relationship

Not knowing what to write about for my next post, I stumbled onto this image.  The interactions between graphic designers and their clients is very important.  So far this semester, it has been interesting listing to what my teachers often discuss in class about their experiences with clients who are indecisive or those who expect fast and perfect work the first time.  I feel like this image gives me a little bit of added incite about some relationships between graphic designers and their clients.  Though some guidelines seem like a joke such as clients taking bathroom keys, it is important to be able to create trust, and maintain good communication on both ends in order to achieve a good final project that satisfies both parties.

I especially enjoy the section that states, “NOTE TO OUR CLIENTS: All of these examples come from other designers’ experiences with their clients.  You are perfect.”

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  1. meltherobot wrote:

    I like how this has an aspect of playfulness to it, but also includes some good information for clients to keep in mind when working with designers. If the designer has a certain standard to live up to in the eyes of the client, no less should be expected from the client in the eyes of the designer.

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 7:47 pm | Permalink