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Night Time

Day Time

For those of you who do not know what this building is, its the Arlington Arts Center on Wilson Boulevard.  Even though it is literally down the street from me, I cannot bring myself to check it out for one stupid reason.  The neon lights.  I am sure the lights were put there as some sort of exhibition and stuck, but I have a real problem with them.  The building itself isn’t particularly great looking by itself.  It reminds me a new cheap houses built in Texas (where I used to live).  The neon lights, however, are a complete eyesore when walking or driving by the building.  Now it is true that I might never have even noticed this building without those ghastly lights, but there has to be another way to get my attention.  Maybe if there were more lights, sculptures, paintings…something to go with these lights that look so odd compared to the plainness of the rest of the building.  I want to talk to the director of the building and tell them that I refuse to visit simply because of the lights.  I know its childish and unreasonable, but it just completely irks me.  If you disagree with me, about the lights being disgusting ugly on the building, please let me know, maybe its just me….