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Here Look At Some Book Covers

I was looking for design stuff to share in my branding class when I came across these book covers from AIGA’s 50 Books/50 Covers competition and I figured I might as well share. Not all of these covers are ones I personally like but for the most part they are pretty impressive. The cover for The Psychopath test is a particular favorite of mine. Go take a look at the rest here


  1. kmikolon wrote:

    The psychopath Test cover, I feel is really creative. I personally thought, Running the Books, was designed very well. It was well thought out as the picture goes along with the title. The colorful stamped dates was a really good idea to create a face.

    Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 2:38 pm | Permalink
  2. Bret Mueller wrote:

    I love book cover designs, especially because they are so varied. They allow for so much creativity and freedom. Ultimately the design has to get the feel that the writer wants, but that also means there are so many possibilities when it comes to the final draft. The point of the cover is to get the the passerby to pick-up the book, once that happens the rest is up to story of the book. This means that all elements of design need to be consider for the audience.

    Monday, February 27, 2012 at 11:33 am | Permalink