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Book Cover Appreciation

I recently went to a book signing promoting this book, “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. It was a concert/book signing combo event, so my ticket came with a free copy of the book. I didn’t get to ask during Q&A, but I found myself particularly intrigued by the cover.

“The Fault in Our Stars” is a comedy-drama revolving around the lives of cancer kids Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. Without delving into the plot, I found that it wasn’t until AFTER finishing the book that I had a new appreciation for the cover.

The color choices, dark blue, and the positioning of the overlapping black and white cloud-shapes, and the chalk font serve as layered symbolisms for life and death. The black and white clouds serve as a metaphor for the duality of life (and its flipside, death) and both main characters. The white cloud, life, still has a bit of black death in it. The black cloud, death, still has inklings of life that aren’t swallowed up yet. The use of cloud shapes can additionally be viewed as a symbol for the ever-changing shifts the characters go through, both physically and emotionally.

Additionally, the chalk font became exceedingly poignant to me upon finishing the book. At first I thought chalk was just used as a stylistic choice or because the book revolves around young people, but I now believe it’s a metaphor for the temporariness of life. Chalk is what we write in when we plan to erase what we’ve written, and when using it to represent characters with cancer it demonstrates just how quickly and easily they can be erased, so to speak.

It’s also a damn good book, so everyone should definitely read it. It’s the first book-book I’ve read since Harry Potter like four years ago.

Has anyone else had any times where a book or movie cover came to life after experiencing the story it held?