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Proposal to Re-design techtools4u – Final


Proposal to:

Update and Re-design of Your Current Website:

October 5, 2008

Prepared by:

David Corsino


MY COMPANY is pleased to have the opportunity to present the following proposal to YOUR COMPANY for updating and renovating your current website with up-to-date graphic elements, branding, and interactivity to maximize sales and retain customer loyalty.

MY COMPANY believes that in order for any business to succeed in selling products and services on a store-front website, users must be able to easily browse, learn, and buy in an interesting, aesthetically pleasing fashion. The first impression is critical for any user visiting a website and MY COMPANY offers multimedia integration and high-quality graphics with simple-to-use for users to easily browse and buy products using today’s most popular methods including PayPal, credit card acceptance, and direct e-Pay options.


Our understanding of this project is a complete delivery of up to sixteen web pages and 200 dynamic product descriptions published to the web in HTML and Adobe Flash format. This format delivers a dynamic viewing experience that can encompass a wide array of synchronized multimedia within your storefront interface. Content within the website can include audio, video, interactive tools, and shopping cart technology.

In order to deliver the updated web pages within the scope of this proposal, MY COMPANY shall :
• Convert the current web pages into Adobe Flash format while enhancing the current scheme.
• Update branding using YOUR COMPANY’s current marketing materials
• Add interactive elements such as video, audio, and online contact and information forms
• Add a shopping cart structure to allow users to order directly from your inventory database

Operating Systems / Browsers Compatibility

1 PC
1 Macintosh OSX
1 Internet Explorer 6.0+
1 Safari
1 Flash 8.0+
1 Most Mobile Internet Devices

Pricing (50% of the cost due upon contract signing)

Initial Structure Repurposing
– 15 hours development time including database
review and technical requirements
– Up to 12 hours programming and design
– Twelve months of hosting & audio/video
streaming (5000 views or less/month)
– Customer branding & logo(s)
– Project Management

Shopping Cart Development:
– Third party support for storefront
– Visa/Mastercard payment structure development.

Total: $13,995

Registration and Reporting
MediaTracker (per month)
Additional Monthly Hosting Fee (Month 13+)
Post-Production Editing (per hour)
PayPal Setup

MY COMPANY’s Reporting Portal, a browser-based interface tool, allows clients to view statistical information on each of the webpages, provide information ranging from number of viewers to customer satisfaction per order. The Reporting Portal can act as a standalone system or it can be interfaced with an inventory tracking system to maintain a list of orders vs inventory.


I. YOUR COMPANY will deliver to MY COMPANY’s development and design staff:
a. Any logos or graphics (PSD format) to custom-brand the website
b. Written edits to the website via e-mail or fax. YOUR COMPANY is to pay special attention to product names and unique terminology. MY COMPANY will provide a template for marking edits.
c. Electronic copies of PowerPoint®, PDFs, scanned pictures (GIF or JPEG formats), Microsoft® Office documents, graphics (PSD, GIF or JPEG formats).
d. Hyperlinks to referenced documents and URLs, etc.
e. Written edits to any part of the website, including graphical design edits.
f. Written approval of the final multimedia website. MY COMPANY will provide an approval form to be signed by the customer;
g. Client will be provided with two reviews of completed content for no charge. Any additional changes after acceptance of original change requests will be charged accordingly;

II. When designated above, MY COMPANY will provide:
a. Web design and interface
b. Interactive elements and store front
c. Video encoding, hosting and streaming video content;
d. Application and non-video content hosting and delivery;

III. MY COMPANY’s technical representatives staff, including researchers, IT specialists, and expert graphic designers will consult with YOUR COMPANY’s technical staff to re-design the website for maximum ease of use and aesthetic functionality for most users. YOUR COMPANY acknowledges that some viewers may have internal systems restrictions that will prevent viewing and browsing through the website.


MY COMPANY will deliver the webpages, as described in Section II of the above roles and responsibilities, no later than twenty business days after YOUR COMPANY completes its responsibilities outlined in Section I above. As production is being finalized, MY COMPANY will work with YOUR COMPANY representatives to prepare the presentation for final release and support the website throughout the terms of this contract.


This agreement is priced for the amount of time outlined in the agreement. Hosting will continue to be automatically renewed and charged accordingly unless the YOUR COMPANY notifies MY COMPANY with a 90 day notification.


MY COMPANY makes no claim concerning 100% product reliability given the variety of computing environments that exist in today’s marketplace (limitations include bandwidth availability, outdated browser-versions, client memory and processing speed, firewall issues, etc). MY COMPANY will make all reasonable technical efforts to maximize performance and utility by performing duties as described in section III of Responsibilities section.

Please sign below acknowledging acceptance of this agreement


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