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Infographic – Increasing access by mobile devices

The attached article is an extensive infographic on the state of internet accessed by mobile technology (i.e. cell phones). The article details various facets of internet usage such as what is commonly downloaded, how many videos are viewed per day, types of information people look for, and various consumer behaviors and demographics. Social networking is getting bigger and bigger each year (50% of all page views in the year were to social networking sites) and people as young as ten years old are becoming common mobile internet users. The aim of the article is to demonstrate the steady rise in website and ad views as a result of people browsing on a pocket-sized device.

This article might be important to someone in graphic design (most notably web design) because the importance of mobile web has skyrocketed in the last few years. With more than seventy five percent of the entire world having access to mobile web, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to reach users with new content in easy, digestable ways. Whereas before a mobile version of a website was just a shrunken version of a site that required lots of scrolling, custom websites built exclusively for mobile users is becoming more important day by day. People are out and about and want to find information on the go, and if your website can’t be accessed from their phone they’ll go elsewhere.

The role of a designer in the mobile market is bigger than ever. This trend effectively doubles the need for web design. For every website that needs to be made, a mobile version must be made unless the owner wants to purposefully limit their ability to interest potential clients. As smartphones rise in popularity and network coverage by phone providers increases, we may soon see an age where more browsing is done with our thumbs than with a mouse. Getting an effective mobile website is a surefire way to prepare your business for the future.

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