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Social Media vs. Recruiting Agencies

I recently read an article about the recruiting world and design research/ethnographic studies. The article explains how the standard means of recruiting in the commercial retail space is to hire recruiting agencies to connect the researcher with participants that are relevant to the project at hand. This list documents many aspects of the participants lives ( what they are doing, who they are doing it with, the causes they feel passionate about, the brands they connect with, the music they listen to, the places they go, etc…) The article explains how in this day and age this service is becoming obsolete because many of these lists are pregenerated and easy to access with the growing advance of todays cyberculture and social networking sites like WeiboFacebookOrkut and Mixi. The internet has made this world we live in a small one indeed! The article explains the technical steps used to create adverts on social networking sites, but more importantly explains the benefits and dynamics of creating these “In House” rather than through the previously  sought after recruiting agencies.

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