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Motion Graphics

So, I’m a young designer who doesn’t know much about motion graphics. I knew that Mason offered a class on motion graphics, but I just didn’t have a true understanding of what it was all about. I went to a website called and it offers several example of different motion graphics created for different companies when I saw this website I literally stayed on it for an hour with total excitement. The one that I found very amazing was the Intel|Fashion show by Danil Krivoruchko, Rostislav Ma.

Information About: Motion Graphics Served features top work in categories such as animation, CGI and digital animation. The Served curation team chooses projects that move creativity forward in their respective industries, among a host of other top-secret but not-that-difficult-to-guess selection criteria.The team is led by Oscar Ramos Orozco: sailor, industrial designer, philosopher, trumpet player, lover of jamon and all beautiful things. Oscar is based in New York City.

This website  has several amazing examples of motion graphics and I really thing you guys would love it! Enjoy!