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Why do we design?

I have sat and pondered this question for a while now trying to come up with the reason I choose design. Initially it was because I liked working with computers and being creative. But now that I think about what it is we are doing when we design I realize its more than just liking art. In high school math was my favorite subject, mainly because I was good at it but also because I liked solving problems. This is ironic because essentially design is solving a problem. Whether it is organizing data in order to make it readable and visibly pleasing or create an identity that fits to a particular company, design comes down to coming up with a solution to your problem presented. AIGA has created a brochure named “Why?” defining the power of designing. It is a great informational brochure to help explain why design adds value to clients’ interests. In the end because my love to solve problems and be creative has helped me find my niche in the design world.