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Should Design Be Messy?

I came across this article a little while ago, The Messiness of Design , and a part of the article (in reference to using computers) that really stood out to me is this segment:

“How often do we strive for efficiency, for productivity, for moving from one stage of the process to another with as few hiccups or interruptions as possible? How much do we contain ourselves to a particular methodology? How often do we work within a defined schedule and curse the client who causes us to miss those looming, all-important deadlines?”

Has our desire to be more efficient hindered our ability to actually be truly creative?  Computer’s have become this amazing tool that designers have become immensely dependent on.  However, even though using them from start to finish on a project may be efficient, is it really helping the designer to solve the problem the client is presenting with the ‘best’ solution?
I personally find that my best work always starts out with more than a dozen messy thumbnails and sketches with me exploring different ideas and possible solutions. When creating something on the computer, I’m more hesitant to deviate away from my first idea and to explore other possibilities, therefore my work isn’t as good as it could be.
Therefore, I think design should be messy. It’s the best way, because it helps designers to keep exploring and dreaming up new and better design.

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  1. rouellet wrote:

    I agree whole heartedly. Too many designers hop right onto the computer and start off this way, but I think the unique intangibles
    are absent when things are designed in this manner. A humanist element brings a design to life. The best design is done in this way. I like trying to use sketches, hand-made textures and sometimes 3-dimensional objects. These are all things that should be on the table. We should not be so narrowly defined, the computer is a tool it is not the master that we creatives bow down too.

    Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 12:06 pm | Permalink