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Film Design Sundries

    Hello fellow 395ers.  This essentially amounts to my first blog post. ever. anywhere…  
    One of my big interests is film, and so for this inaugural post I want to discuss graphic design in the film industry.  Below are a few examples of typical “For Your Consideration” advertisements that are currently flooding the pages of Variety and the like.  These ads are designed to promote any given film with the intention that whoever sees the ad will vote for said film when it comes time to fill out those Oscar ballots in early February. 
    I have included a link to more examples of “FYC” advertisements that are circulating this season and hopefully you can get a sense of the approach taken when designing a persuasive print ad for a film.  In the industry, the stakes are high during Awards Season, and the pressure for an ad campaign to match and exceed the success of its subject is intense.  Sometimes a good Oscar advertisement campaign alone can win the award, even for a so-so film. Recently these campaigns have become increasingly streamlined and elegant, mirroring the prestige of the film they represent. 
    See how your favorite film of the year is being marketed…and enjoy!  An extensive stockpile of samples at Browse by film, studio, category, etc.
    There Will Be BloodNo Country for Old Men

The Bourne Ultimatum