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The Work of Jim Woodring

I would consider it a waste of an opportunity if I did not mention one of my favorite contemporary artists, Jim Woodring on this blog. Most of his work is inspired from hallucinations he has had since his youth. Fortunately enough for us, rather than letting these visions drive him utterly insane, he has opted to record and alter them with inks and paints. Many of his current works focus on Frank, an anthropomorphic character who finds himself in situations ranging from mundane outings to horrific intrusions. These adventures are usually either a single drawing or in comic book forum with many panels.

I find all of his work to be extremely entertaining, uplifting and inspiring. He has created a truly unique and marvelous world worthy of recognition.

Woodring currently maintains a blog, updated about once a week with sketches, prints, cartoons, paintings and other musings for our enjoyment.