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Moving the Nets to “BK”


“the Brooklyn Nets have an uphill battle to win the hearts of the proud and skeptical local crowd which they are doing with a very minimalist, almost anti-NBA new look reportedly designed by Nets part owner Jay Z.” The new primary logo — created by Brooklyn’s own JAY Z — keeps the sheild from the previous design, and adds that iconic  ‘B’ to the basketball to represent Brooklyn. “Brooklyn,” of course, is spelled out below. Nets CEO Brett Yormark called this “the new badge for Brooklyn,” and JAY Z believes the design’s bold nature will reflect on the direction to take the team. I thought it was interesting that the focus of the design was placed on the team’s location rather than its name (evident in the majority of sports franchise logos). I like the minimal design and overall structure, but the type seems really uninspired. This is a completely different direction than most sports teams take in their designs and i am curious to see how it will work out… (as of right now I am hearing a lot of disgust towards the logo and the direction Jay Z has suggested the brand takes through its design)


  1. rouellet wrote:

    Since when did Jay-Z become a graphic designer? I feel he is very creative, but it is evident in this logo that he cares little or knows nothing about typography. I like the ‘idea’ of paying homage to Brooklyn, but it could have been done sooo much better. The ‘B’ is poorly places in my mind, the basketball needs a little more breathing room from the edge of the shield. And the typeface for the Nets team name seems so unbalanced. I can’t tell if the N is lower then the S. The baseline shift is throwing me off. So yeahh, I’m not ‘disgusted’ but I think there are a lot of design issues that need to be addressed.

    Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 10:46 am | Permalink
  2. rnigro wrote:

    Though it is an interesting change I still would like color in it. It is very flat looking and honestly reminds me of the 50s when color and the idea of 3d-esc prospective didn’t exist in logos yet. I like the change to a forward view but with out the ring and at least some primary colors I think this is a rather large step back from the original design.

    Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 12:17 pm | Permalink