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Micro-trends: Graphic Design Aesthetics 2012

Computer Arts posted this article and it covered 7 different design trends that are more than fleeting and have that staying factor, a certain longevity to them. I would have to say this list is a pretty good summary, and I agree or at least hope that these trends remain constant. One shouldn’t buy into the trendiest trends, because they tend to only enjoy their 15 minutes of fame and they are old news. Of course much of this could be based in subjectivity, but I think the trends discussed here are rooted in an appreciation and nod to the old way of doing things and have the ability to tap into the emotional side of an audience. I believe there is a real humanist approach to design right now and it should be celebrated. This list seems to cover much of this movement:

1. The Art of Reduction

2. Hand-drawn

3. Bauhaus Inspired

4. True Authentic

5. Refined Grace

6. Retro Chaos

7. Monochrome Clarity

I am mostly ‘in’ with this list, though I think Retro Chaos has the potential to look overly done and can easily become a mess. Hence the name maybe? I don’t know, it just doesn’t fit in line at all with the aesthetic I usually go for. How about everyone else? Do you agree or disagree with these micro-trends?

You can find a more detailed description of each of these here:


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  1. Katri Haas wrote:

    I love the details in this. I think they’re all timeless and am inspired.

    Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 1:36 pm | Permalink