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Design Proposal Final

Dear Mr. Smith,

            Thank you for meeting with me on Thursday. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to redesign your menu and signage for your restaurant. I have designed menus for two restaurants in the Syracuse area, l’Amoré and Phoebe’s Garden Cafe. Since these redesigns, customers have been telling their servers that they like the new menus, and that they are much easier to read than the old menus. The designs I create tailored to meet the my client’s needs. The menu and signage I design for you will compliment your decor and ambience. Thanks again for considering me for this project. I look forward to meeting with you again.


Abbey Stickney


The Problem

The new menu, and table-top dessert list will compliment the modern, clean appearance that already exists in the restaurant as well as. The current menu features modern and innovative items, and will be better displayed in a more modern way. Right now, the menu is set in a script typeface, making it difficult to read especially in low light. To compensate for this problem, the font size is very large. This takes up too much space on the page and makes it uninviting to read, as it appears to be a page full of black text. The font and style of the menu do not match the simple, clean style of the decor of the restaurant. Also, it is printed on everyday printer paper and is protected by clear plastic sleeves. This lends a do-it-yourself feel to the restaurant, making diners feel as that maybe if so little thought went into the menu, little effort is probably spent on the food as well. The clear plastic sleeves also get dirty very quickly and are difficult to clean. Since the menu is a part of the restaurant that is viewed very closely by the customer, it makes the restaurant itself feel unclean. If the menu reflected the casual, stylish environment in which the customer is sitting, it would lead to a more enjoyable dining experience. It would also make your restaurant more memorable, encouraging diners to return.


The Solution

The new menu will feature more open white space and a more modern, clean, sans-serif typeface, to go with the modern cafe decor. It will also be reorganized to make it easier for patrons to find what they are looking for, whether it be a sandwich, an appetizer, or a beverage. This will be printed on good-quality, smooth, crisp, white 8.5” x 14” paper in dark grey ink and will be placed in a pre-made menu cover with imitation black leather on the back and a clear plastic cover to protect the paper. The restaurant name will be printed on the leather side in silver metallic ink.


As the restaurant has a bakery, it is important to display the dessert list as prominently on a separate menu. The dessert list will a small version of the menu, with the light black leather back, and the desserts listed in dark grey ink on crisp white paper. It will measure 8.5” x 5.5.”


The Benefits

The redesign of the menu and dessert list will give your restaurant a cohesiveness that will make the dining experience stick in your customer’s minds. As the restaurant is located right on the main street of the town of Manlius, it is already a popular place for business people to have a quick lunch during the work week. A more polished and professional appearance will encourage business people will want to take clients to your restaurant. This more polished look will also make the restaurant a trendy place to have coffee and pastries on the weekends. This is was the experience one of my past clients. Once their new menus were introduced, it gave the whole restaurant a more pulled-together look, helping to make it a popular place to bring out-of-town clients to experience a unique local gem.


The Cost


Menu Covers

            Menu (8.5 x 14)                        $15.95 each

            Dessert Menu (8.5 x 5.5)            $12.95 each



            Menu (8.5 x 14)                        $0.22 each

            Dessert Menu (8.5 x 5.5)            $0.15 each

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