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Basic elements of design exploration

Photos were found here and here.

For these three, I wanted to experiment with elements of design and restrict myself to a six inch square. I explored line, shape, and letterform. The line was not completely successful because the higher concentration of lines in the corners orients it into an x shape rather than a random assortment of lines. Shape was successful but not as creative as the work of some of my peers. Letterform was my favorite: I used Stahlbeton for the letter k and reversed it. The width of the lines and the color selection reminds me of Franz Kline’s paintings. (Featured photo is “Painting No. 7, 1952.”) I love his work and first became interested in it at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. They also have an incredible selection of art deco furniture. For the graphic designers, they have some of Rose Adler’s work on display, like this beautiful copy of Cheri by Colette.