Skip to content is an pretty nifty site I stumbled upon recently that I thought people might enjoy.  

The site is dedicated to logos in general and content ranges from examples of famous logos to favorite logo polls, and even includes a logo glossary of terms related to logo design. 

A recent post debated the merits of the major Hollywood Studios’ logos. ( 

This page tracks the evolution of the IBM logo through the years.  (  

There is also a “logo builder” but the results are sub-par and juvenile at best…Just reinforcing the notion/hope that computers wont be replacing graphic designers any time soon (Whew!)  Here is my logo that the computer thought would effectively represent me as a client:  

You be the judge…


Anyway, at the very least this site is a good resource for researching past logo designs and a source of inspiration from designers of yore.  After all, as designers we are merely ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’… 

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