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Design Proposal

Bed Bath and Beyond

Coupon Redesign Proposal

Proposal Submitted by Leslie Berlin

October 28, 2008

With a redesign from Leslie Berlin you can expect an innovative, savvy design solution that compliments your existing marketing collateral and enhances your current design to its full potential. With over four years of retail design experience, I understand that coupons are among the leading source of new customer incoming traffic, both on the web and in the store. Staying within your budget I can offer you a new creative update which will entice new customers while maintaining your existing customer client base. By introducing an updated coupon you can further your growth. Now is a perfect time, before the holidays you will stand out among your competitors!

Updates & Outcome:

Although your current coupon design is recognizable, it’s easily passed over because of its commonality. While your customers can quickly spot a Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon; a design update would benefit you by reaching new potential customers. In order to keep your current clientele, I suggest keeping the colors, size and paper quality of the postcard consistent with what you currently have. You will also maintain your current logo to remain recognizable. You will need to consider a font change to update the appearance of both sides of the coupon. Not only will this achieve a new look it will also separate visually the logo from the main text content. For a modern approach, I propose that you also add graphic elements to the front of the coupon. The 20% off is readable but overly simplified. The use of the light blue color is highlighting the wrong words. Adding an illustrative typographic element instead of showing products is something none of your competitors are doing. Also adding seasonality to the coupon would enhance the look of your current design. Since we are approaching the holidays, in this case my suggestion would be to add a third accent color to appeal to the holiday shoppers. A few minor changes and a few new additions can easily bring a new level of strength to your company’s coupon.


An update will achieve the following three goals:

1. Minimize clutter by deleting unnecessary content

2. Accentuate the front of the coupon with a new graphic element designed by Leslie Berlin.

3. Enhance the overall appearance of the coupon.


1. Sketch and narrowed approach of the task to be discussed via a 1hour teleconference.

2. Scheduled first draft to be delivered to Bed, Bath and Beyond within 5 days of the first phone teleconference.

3. Review and revisions in reference to cost summary decision.

4. Total time for redesign: approx. 49 days.

Cost Summary:

Custom Illustration – $1500
– Includes sketches, color versions & 5 revisions
– 14-21 day turnaround time
– 1-3 short phone consults included (1 hour maximum per phone conversation)

Custom Postcard Design (2 sides) – $2500
– Includes sketches, color versions & 5 revisions
– 21-28 day turnaround time
– 1-3 short phone consults included (1 hour maximum per phone conversation)

NOTE: This document focuses on general guidelines for the redesign of the current Bed, Bath and Beyond Coupon. Prices and specifications are subject to change. Notification of any changes will be made with the knowledge of Bed, Bath and Beyond.