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Do You “GET” Promotional Emails?

I guarantee that right now in your inbox you have over 50 emails, (if not more) and only 2 of those are worth reading. As someone who creates the spam that clogs your arteries of your email, I know how much time and thought actually goes into making those annoying sales ads.

First you have to come up with a general theme whether it’s seasonal or promotional. Then in order to get anyone to actally pay attention to that theme, you have to come up with a “call-to-action” in combination with a catch line. This tells the consumer what to do. Afterall, you don’t want your customer to have to think about what they are doing. No time for second thoughts. Buy, buy, buy! It helps if it’s punny or rhymes. You could say something like: “Winter Wonderland – Keep comfy and cozy this winter in fleeces for you and your family!” I find that christmas is the easiest time to come up with catch lines because of all the songs that everyone is familiar with. So now after you’ve come up with the Call-to-Action and the Catch Line it’s time for the product overload. It’s all about making it easy to shop. If you can get your best deals infront of the consumer they are more likely to browse around on your site for other deals. Nothing is more important than getting the sale.

Some of the most successful emails in my opinion are Free People, Apple (of course) and Barns & Noble (although they tend to get a little text happy which gets a little overwhelming for the viewer) but at least they are predictable. You always know where the deals are and where to look for the newest books. Another one of my favorites is Anthropologie. Now their emails are extremely simple but they seem to actually take some time and consideration into how they word their content. I love their themes and they always look so elegant and of course they have the best Catch Lines. The most recent email I got from them was titled “Gemology” and their Catch Line was “Best Facets Forward”. They wrote, “In brilliant tones borrowed from the jewelry box, everything from pullovers to party dresses is downright dazzeling.”

Simple yet informative…I aspire to create emails that!