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Ellen Lupton: Design is also driving me CRAZY

I found Ellen Lupton to be an incredible speaker. She was very informative in a creative and hilarious way; I was extremely entertained! “Design is driving me crazy.” I never realized being a designer also comes with a nit-picky attitude for all type to look perfect. I have seen that the more I learn about graphic design rights and wrongs, the more I notice horrific design. Everywhere I look I am evaluating the design and composition of everything printed! I can pick out fonts on sight when before college my two favorite used fonts were Comic Sans and Papyrus; a sin in the world of graphics. Her innovative way of presenting bad type with flash video games was very intriguing. They are fun yet informative to those who do not know anything about design. Her writing is awesome as well. For my senior design class we use her book “Designing with Type.” I have read the whole thing and actually enjoyed it. Not once did I fall asleep (very common with reading school text books). She made learning design fun and addictive; I now would love to read her other books! I love how she collaborated with her students at MICA to create “D.I.Y.” Everyone can design in some degree and it is awesome that she created a book to share this knowledge with those who are willing to extend there design ability. Also her design book for kids is very ingenious. Kids these days are smarter and more exposed to life early on. The sooner they get into design, the better our world of type will look in the future. I am very glad that Ellen decided to come and speak at Mason! She has made me think about aspects in design that I otherwise wouldn’t, making me a better designer.