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Ellen Lupton

I actually got the opportunity to meet briefly with Ellen Lupton before her lecture. She came to my AVT 311 class and critiqued our theater poster designs. I gathered from that how knowledgeable she was in the field of design, she offered some excellent advice on my project. I did not foresee though just how awesome this lecture was going to be. I was pleasantly suprised to find out how funny she was. She talked about things in design that annoyed her, “typographical crimes” of various natures. She discussed her books, specifically D.I.Y. and shared some of her experience in the design world and why she thought that everyone should be able to design. And while at first I thought she must be crazy to want to tell the world how to do our jobs, I later found that her motives made quite a bit of sense, and her execution of this was hilarious. I really enjoyed her lecture and the opportunity to meet her for the short time that I did. Its funny how the more and more into the design world you get the more irritated and crazy you can get about the world around you, I think she perfectly captured and described this condition. She is someone I would like to be like “when I grow up”, successful, and honest, and goofy and it seems just happy to be doing what she wants in the most fun way possible.